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We do academic consulting! datastatisticsonline provides premium PhD thesis consulting. We can help you with Chapter Three (Research Methods) and Chapter Four (Research Findings). All international students are also welcome, including India and Europe. (Nous parlons courrament le français!)

We coach graduate students in the statistical aspects of PhD and Masters thesis preparation, including SPSS data management, programming, and analysis. We appreciate student financial constraints, and offer a substantial academic discount.

Using SPSS effectively requires more than just entering the data and running. Although the latest Windows version of SPSS allows easy data management with the data editor, the syntax editor is a powerful tool not to be overlooked! Once mastered, it enables efficient programming, reproducibility of manipulations, and a wide range of useful commands. We will coach you in mastering SPSS usage beyond transform-compute and analyze-descriptive statistics! We can also help you with other statistical packages, such as SAS or MINITAB.

By listening as you explain your study, we maximize our understanding of your doctoral research. We respond to your inquiries quickly and work with you to set up a suitable schedule. One student-client even sent us an urgent email at midnight Saturday night which we responded to that Sunday!

datastatisticsonline understands that sometimes a dissertation committee might have its own ideas concerning statistics. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate such requests and invite your feedback, while ensuring a superb statistical analysis. We go beyond the services of the typical university statistical consulting lab, and do what is necessary to explain the concepts -- without the technical jargon!

Our specialty is off-site consulting, sparing your resources and saving you travel expenses. However, when you need on-site consulting, we are there for you! ... email us! or submit a request today!

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