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We do data! datastatisticsonline provides premium data consulting.

Data is our friend! We understand your numbers and your computer system. Even if your data begins on an IBM mainframe computer, then is downloaded into Excel, and finally is processed in SAS -- we handle it!

We are accepted as an expert witness in a court of law, and you can certainly count on us for the skills required for programming and analyzing your data. We have worked with over 5000 programs with over 500,000 lines code.

Generally, we use SAS (including v8.2) or SPSS (including v10.1) for data processing and statistical analysis, interfacing with COBOL, Teradata, ORACLE, MSSQL7, SYBASE, Informix, Access, C, HTML, UNIX scripts, and DB2. We also code in EASYTRIEVE, FORTRAN, BASIC, JCL, DCL, and DOS. We have experience with IBM mainframe, IBM PC, Windows NT/ME/3.1/2000, DOS, HP/UNIX, DEC, VAX, AS400, OS/2, VMS, and Macs.

We maintain, modify, and optimize your existing applications! We document, flow-chart, reverse engineer, and develop applications. datastatisticsonline handles one program to hundreds of programs, PhD research databases with 100 observations to credit databases with 100 million observations, five variables to thousands of variables. No project is too big or too small!

Just ETL is not enough! We analyze your data, clean the dirty data, get applications running smoothly, and provide you with technical support. We excel at detecting and correcting mishandled y2k and y2k+1 issues, credit risk score cards, condensing massive data into an index, and regression analysis of results.

Our specialty is off-site consulting, sparing your resources and saving you travel expenses. However, when you need on-site consulting, we are there for you! ... email us! or submit a request today!

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