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We do expert witness! datastatisticsonline provides premium expert witness consulting.

datastatisticsonline founder, Dean S. Barron, was the expert witness statistician in a complex class action litigation, see, e.g. Erichs v. Venator Group, Inc. 128 F.Supp. 2d 1255 (N. Dist. Ca. 2001). The overtime wage violation case involved commission schemes for managers and required statistical regression analysis and mathematical proofs. Other California labor law cases have been in the computer, retail, union, construction, and telecommunication industries.

Barron was the expert statistician for an real estate law case involving toxic mold. Our analysis focused on sample sizes, spatial analysis, and defining the underlying population.

We assist in every phase of litigation, focusing on declarations, depositions, and expert witness testimony. Our 20 years consulting experience in computer programming and statistics outside the legal realm endow us with a unique advantage that we apply to jurisprudence. For example, we have 10 years experience programming in EASYTRIEVE, and were therefore able to detect a fatal flaw in the logic of defendant's code -- even in its redacted form! In another, our decisive deposition exposed a misrepresentation and forced the defense to withdraw its expert's declaration!

datastatisticsonline strives to translate the technical jargon into easily understandable terms. Often we teach our clients necessary concepts and accompany them to depositions. We author convincing declarations, render quality depositions, and provide expert witness testimony.

Our specialty is off-site consulting, sparing your resources and saving you travel expenses. However, when you need on-site consulting, we are there for you! ... email us! or submit a request today!

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