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We do website traffic analysis! datastatisticsonline provides premium website traffic analysis consulting with its twobluecats software and services.

Other programs incorrectly assume that just because an IP address is different that it is therefore a unique visitor. Our twobluecats know this is false, and analyze your data the right way! Many ISPs assign IP addresses dynamically, and we utilize proprietary programming logic to differentiate this from truly unique visitors. We provide reports that help you understand your best visitors by three-level IP address.

We are accepted as an expert witness in a court of law, and you can certainly count on us for the skills required for analyzing your website traffic. datastatisticsonline has over 30 years programming experience, including computer and internet-related coding for Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Predictive Systems, ISP providers, and the US Navy, using SAS and SPSS

Our tailored reports for small and medium sized websites provide information to help optimize search engine position. We provide consulting for IP address allocation management, irrd, radius logs, and access logs. We help raise your search engine position with detailed frequency distributions of referring websites, search words used, keywords, website content, hourly, daily, and monthly reports. We will build your personalized website report portfolio with twobluecats.

We can help you analyze your search engine and banner ads ROI. By utilizing your shopping cart or accounting data, twobluecats can provide you with a complete and detailed statistical analysis, including regression analysis to project future performance.

Our specialty is off-site consulting, sparing your resources and saving you travel expenses. However, when you need on-site consulting, we are there for you! ... email us! or submit a request today!

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