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We do regression analysis! datastatisticsonline provides premium regression analyses.

By augmenting SAS and SPSS software with manual statistical calculation, we circumvent software limitations while adding that human touch! datastatisticsonline performs stepwise forward, backward elimination, and confidence intervals projection.

We are accepted as an expert witness in a court of law using regression analysis, and you can certainly count on us for superb regression analysis. We implement it innovatively, creatively embracing higher-order and non-linear solutions when needed.

We have utilized this statistical approach in a variety of applications:

> PhD thesis defense
> pharmacological
> medical data
> financial data

> expert witness
> cpe
> surveys
> publications

datastatisticsonline balances intuitively important independent variables with statistical significance to deliver optimal results. Discover why Excel's straight line answers are just not sufficient! Let us show you the strengths and powers of SAS and SPSS!

Our specialty is off-site consulting, sparing your resources and saving you travel expenses. However, when you need on-site consulting, we are there for you! ... email us! or submit a request today!

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